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Conservation Laboratory
Conservation Laboratory

It is important to conserve the precious art pieces of history and preserve them in the best possible way. Here, at the L.D. Museum conservation process is given the highest importance and is carried out with utmost care. We have our own In-house Conservation Laboratory which utilises every possible step for repairing and restoration of fragile art objects of importance such as drawings, manuscripts, paintings and books from the our various collections.

Conservation treatments undertaken in this laboratory include: cleaning, removal of tape and other components harmful to the condition of the item (rusty staples, paperclips, acidic linings/mounts, acidic adhesives), de-acidification (a chemical treatment that neutralizes acids present in paper), relining (a new layer is provided at the base for strengthening), stain removal, paint consolidation. and likewise on the basis of an individual requirement of the object after preliminary observation by the experts.

Art Reference Library

Books are the connecting bridge between past, present and future. Art Reference Library of the L.D. Museum and N.C. Mehta Gallery is a small yet a growing collection of the books allied with Indian studies, especially on references related to Western Art-history, Indian Art and its culture. These books were initially collected through donations offered by individuals and family members of the Lalbhai Group. The collection is further growing with the help of Financial Assistance received from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, New Delhi. The collection of books from the N.C. Mehta Gallery was also transferred, where too, the additional purchase was carried out under the provision of the Grant received from the Ministry of Culture, New Delhi. Thus, since the year 2015 - 2016, the entire collection of Art Reference Library was re-organized and systematically catalogued. The idea is to primarily function as an aid to support the works of the Museum Research Team and to provide a reading space for genuine researchers/ scholars (with prior permission taken from the Director). The objective is to preserve the precious ancient books, which are an epitome of knowledge and to utilize them to educate the present and future generations. Thus, the Art Reference Library of the L.D. Museum and N.C. Mehta Gallery possesses at present 1281 books in total. The broad subject categories are as listed below:

1. Ancient Indian Literature 2. Indian Painting 3. Indian Sculpture 4. Indian Architecture 5. Numismatic Studies 6. Journals (Rupam, Marg, Oriental Institute and Lalit Kala) 7. Performing Art 8. Indian Textiles 9. Christie's and Sotheby's Auction Catalogues 10.Western Art History

In our rich collection, we have books to quote here like, Vishnu, Hinduism's Blue-Skinned Savior, Ahmedabad 600 - Portraits of a City, Orchha and Beyond - Design at the Court of Raja Bir Singh Dev Bundela, Indian Miniatures from the James Ivory Collection, Bhagwanlal Indraji: The First Indian Archaeologist, Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Study of the Past, The Complete Illustrated Guide to Coins & Coin Collecting, Kashmir Shawls, The Tapi Collection and more.

Updates from Conservation Lab

Conservation Laboratory

New on Display after Restoration: Reconstructed Group of Sculptures from Ladol

Recently after Restoration, we have installed two sets of seated Tirthankara images along with Pitha, Parikara and Fly-whisk bearers, one dated V.S.1330 = 1274 A.D. and the other dated V.S.1337 = 1280 A.D. As display spaces, we have chosen the small enclosures of the wall-doors...
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