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Shatrunjaya Pata- A visual journey

Shatrunjaya Pata
A visual journey

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A Shatrunjaya pata, is a sacred painting on cloth, which depicts the pilgrim site of mount Shatrunjaya. This mountain is venerated as Siddhachala (mount of the enlightened) and Giriraj (King of hills), as many Siddhas believed to have received their Kevaljyanan (supreme wisdom) here. Visit to such a pilgrimage ensures many fold merits and liberation of once individual soul.

Paintings of such kind were prepared to evocate an experience of a journey to the holy site through bhava (emotion), alternative to physical climbing. Often, small tirthi pata (pilgrim paintings) are made for home worship, but such large once are intended to be exhibited in front of the temples, for those who are unable to ascent the hill.

Image: Mount Shatrunjaya painted on cloth, Size: 113 x 170 cm, Painted at Bikaner by Artist Mathen Surat Ram
Image Courtesy: Collection of Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum, Ahmedabad
Created by: The Curatorial team of Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum and N.C. Mehta Gallery