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World Heritage Day

Locks, Clocks & Peacocks:

Unlocking the Secrets of Time and Beauty!

A talk by Dr. Hiren Shah
(Pediatrician by profession & Hobbyist by passion)

The triad of seemingly disparate objects serves as a gateway to meaningful connections and a deeper understanding of various realms. This trilogy will 'unlock' the collector's abode, transforming the ‘Houseum’ into more than just a museum. As the hands turn 'anti-clockwise,' they transport you back in time to cherish our illustrious past and bask in our rich heritage. These collectibles serve as symbolic messengers, conveying profound messages about time, security, and beauty, thereby enriching our appreciation of heritage. The symbolism inherent in these objects bridges the cultures and traditions of yesteryears with contemporary preservation efforts, fostering a deeper understanding and celebration of World Heritage Day.


Date: 18 April, 2024 (Thursday)

Time: 6 pm to 7:15 pm (Tea will be served at 5:30 pm)

Venue: Lecture Hall, L D Museum


For Ages: 18 and above

For registration, please contact:

Call: 079-26306883 | WhatsApp: +91-9408536883


About the Speaker

With an exceptional academic background, Dr. Hiren Shah is a successful pediatrician in Ahmedabad, running his Shaishav Children Hospital for 40 years. Renowned as an avid traveller, he's explored more than 50 countries, sharing his experiences through blogs, travelogues and photo essays. A serious photographer, Dr. Hiren has held solo exhibitions and earned international awards.

His home, Houseum, is a vast repository of thematic collections, housing almost 10,000 artifacts. The Lock Museum, part of Houseum, boasts around 3,000 locks, including the world's largest collection of about 500 trick locks. EnigmaTic, a unique Puzzle Museum within Houseum, features 2,000 artifacts, showcasing complex mechanical puzzles and enigmatic subjects. As the sole Indian in the Metagrobologists (puzzlists) community for 15 years, Dr. Hiren has delivered deliberations at various international conventions. The art collection stands at the pinnacle of various hobbies, presenting proudly over 10,000 artifacts elegantly sprawled across the expansive 10,000 sq.ft. of Houseum!



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